Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Best Gift

      Many people now reading this article,love someone or the other in their lives.Even you do,don't you?
      A 'no' won't work here,because you definitely respect and care for at least one person in your life.That person may be your parent,your sibling,your friend or may be your someone special.
      But let me ask you something.How much do you love yourself ?Before you share your love with someone else,have you ever checked if you got enough love in you,to love yourself ?Do you appreciate yourself,for any small or big good things you do? Do you gift yourself with beautiful and memorable moments? Do you feel grateful for your life at all?
       I don't think so,because I know you're so very busy with your career,your people,your job and what not? You're mostly preoccupied with these thoughts.You may be always thinking of your loved ones.You may be compromising in many things for them.
       I ain't saying adjusting for someone you value a lot is wrong,but there's this fine line between adjusting and losing yourself.You must realize in which of these two categories you fall into.
       Its a small life we are gifted with.Can't we live it for "ourselves" too?
       According to me,before you break your head into understanding some difficult subject or an impossible person,it would be good if you understood yourself first.It would be great if you loved and accepted yourself,because,more than any other person in this world,you deserve all your love in the first place.
      If you really want to achieve something huge,then listen to your heart,that is you must listen to yourself.You'll listen to yourself,when you trust yourself and you'll trust yourself,only when you love yourself.
     However,we know that anything in excess isn't healthy.This rule applies for self-love too.
     Self-love can be an extension of your ego or a priceless virtue.
     And finally,all that I want to tell you is reflected in this statement-"Love yourself,because all your world and all that you wish for lies only within you.And you know what?It's the best gift you can give yourself!!!"

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