Saturday, 16 January 2016


       We all are adept to situations where hundreds of motivational sessions won't have a worthy effect on us,but one small,facile incident has an abstruse influence on us and turns out to a life changing lesson.
       I was in a similar kind of a situation a few days back.A highly adulated organization,Deloitte,came to our college,to select some of us to be a part of its' work family.I was so ardent about being placed in the organization that I could literally see myself working there.However,in spite of having a good resume and the required job skills,I wasn't chosen.
      I was totally wrecked.I had everything in perspective,but somehow,it was shattered.I had an exodus of thoughts and doubts in my mind and nothing seemed right.After mentally settling down,I realized that most of the things in our lives do not follow our plan of action.
      In that case,what's the need to comprehend ourselves?As almost nothing goes like we want,what's the need to decide what we love to do?We might as well go where life drags us.These doubts started to eat me alive.And eventually,I unveiled the answers to them.
     Yes,most of the things in life,don't outline our plans.But,we ought to decide what we want from our life,to ensure that we struggle to make our endeavors win against fate's design.Like in the game of cards,we can never predict the next card we shall pick.Nonetheless,we make our next move based on the card we picked,to win the game.
     Thus,we may not foresee the surprises life throws at us,but we can to clinch what we want and choose our successive actions based on our current situation.
      Though the Deloitte incident,slapped me with reality,it shaped me to stay in present,work without much expectations and give my finest "now."

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Massive "Mark" of Mozilla

         A few days back,I was one of the normal youngsters.I was sluggish and irresponsible.I often relaxed from being tired of too much relaxing.I felt guilty about myself,yet continued to be the same.I convinced myself that I would change from tomorrow,which by the way never came.
        This was me a few days ago.But I ain't the same anymore.
        A human brain when stretched with a new idea will never regain its' original state.This is what happened to me.With the assistance from one of my seniors(Mukesh) who's a Firefox Student Ambassador ,I got this idea to join Mozilla.I had a belief that being a part of Mozilla was the initial step to start a positive new phase in my life.
        And of course,it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made.I slowly started getting involved with this awesome organization.I loved every experience of mine during Summer Safari,an initative by Kidzilla.I started realizing slowly as to how I moulded into a responsible and proactive Mozillian from a lazy,careless girl.
     With the assistance from Harsha and Sujith,who are also Mozilla Representatives,we started going to many government schools.We taught them about Computers and safe use of Internet.
     After my exposure to the real world and my interactions with the students of government schools, I understood that the biggest pleasure comes from doing something good for others no matter how small of a good deed it is.The sparkle in the kids' eyes,the gratitude they showed towards us, for teaching them about something which would be a huge part of their lives in the future,the love they poured on us had a very great impact on me.
      These insights made me recognize how lucky I'm and also made me comprehend how much we can do in our own little ways for our country.

   We initially started with a team of three and then eventually we ended up as a team of around 8 members.Santhosh Vishwanatham,Sphoorti,Harika,Navya,Yadigiri,Sujith,Harsha and I(Sruthi).I must say that we made a great team.The thing which we all had in common,was to teach the less privileged kids about the biggest technical-treasure,the Internet.

   I proudly say that Mozilla is making a very great impact on the society through its Kidzilla program.
    After my experiences of being a Mozillian,I accept that the caption,"Doing good,is a part of our code," rightly suits Mozilla...
     It is indeed doing so much good,in not only educating kids through Kidzilla,but also by transforming regular and normal youngsters into confident,proactive and responsible individuals.
   I am proud to say that I belong to the Mozilla family.
Hats off to Mozilla and The Massive "Mark" it has on all of us,specifically on me!!!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Best Gift

      Many people now reading this article,love someone or the other in their lives.Even you do,don't you?
      A 'no' won't work here,because you definitely respect and care for at least one person in your life.That person may be your parent,your sibling,your friend or may be your someone special.
      But let me ask you something.How much do you love yourself ?Before you share your love with someone else,have you ever checked if you got enough love in you,to love yourself ?Do you appreciate yourself,for any small or big good things you do? Do you gift yourself with beautiful and memorable moments? Do you feel grateful for your life at all?
       I don't think so,because I know you're so very busy with your career,your people,your job and what not? You're mostly preoccupied with these thoughts.You may be always thinking of your loved ones.You may be compromising in many things for them.
       I ain't saying adjusting for someone you value a lot is wrong,but there's this fine line between adjusting and losing yourself.You must realize in which of these two categories you fall into.
       Its a small life we are gifted with.Can't we live it for "ourselves" too?
       According to me,before you break your head into understanding some difficult subject or an impossible person,it would be good if you understood yourself first.It would be great if you loved and accepted yourself,because,more than any other person in this world,you deserve all your love in the first place.
      If you really want to achieve something huge,then listen to your heart,that is you must listen to yourself.You'll listen to yourself,when you trust yourself and you'll trust yourself,only when you love yourself.
     However,we know that anything in excess isn't healthy.This rule applies for self-love too.
     Self-love can be an extension of your ego or a priceless virtue.
     And finally,all that I want to tell you is reflected in this statement-"Love yourself,because all your world and all that you wish for lies only within you.And you know what?It's the best gift you can give yourself!!!"

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Let's fuss a little less from now on...

         According to me,if there would be competition to decide which is the topic most debated about,I bet the first prize would definitely go to one among these issues-
          1)When will our country change?
          2)When will our country have those glassy,smooth and unblemished roads which won't "sink" when it floods?
          3)When will our education system change?,etc and etc.
         These controversial matters annoy us most of the times and the arguments regarding these topics will "sweep us off our feet."
          But let me tell you something.I can assure you that India is definitely going to change.And this time,you don't have to stress yourself debating on this issue again,because I have a very convincing proof.
          Coming to the point,a few days back,me(Sruthi) and two of the Mozilla Representatives(Harsha Vardhan and Sujith),decided to go to a Government high school in Kukatpally.
The government high school
       After a little effort in searching the school,we finally ended up in front of a big building.As per Google Maps,that particular building was supposed to be the school!!!
      We were left aghast!We tried to make sure that,that building was indeed the school.And to our wonder,it was!                                                 We brought ourselves back to reality and then stepped in.It was an awesome school with great classrooms,labs and a big playground.Frankly,the whole time we were in the school,I was in awe of the school.
We got the permission to take sessions without any delay.We took our sessions to the 9th and 10th grade students.Those kids are the most enthusiastic students I ever came across.The best thing about them is that,they weren't ready to lose even a single oppurtunity to learn something new.They were very keen on learning about Computers,Internet,Browsers,etc.                                                                     

   The school is an affidavit that not all of our leaders(politicians) are inefficient.The school is a mark that India is indeed evolving into a great country. I've hope. I now believe India will change. And with  such passionate youngsters,it is definitely possible!So everyone,you don't have to so annoyed anymore,we all can fuss a little less from now on.........

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Efficacy of Endowment

    Don't worry,I just meant, the Power of Contribution.Unlike the complexity of the title,the concept behind the power of giving or the power of contribution is really simple.In the present days,the prosperity of an individual is measured in terms of how much he has.Or how much he gets.But,the underlying truth is,one's richness is supposed to be measured in terms of how much he gives.
    After  my first Mozilla session,I actually understood the quote 'The more you give,the more you get.' I did my contribution in the form of knowledge and I got in return immense love.
     A Mozilla representative(Harsha Vardhan) and I went to a government school in Kukatpally,Hyderabad.Our motive was to teach the kids about the safe use of internet and how internet can be exploited in ways beneficial to them.It was a small school on the corner of a street.The kids were so excited to see us.There were around 20 kids and were a medley of age groups.Some were 10 years old,some were 12 and one of them was 7.
Few kids in the session
      Their zeal to learn something new and their excitement to talk to us attracted us a lot.Once the kids were settled,we started our session.
      We eventually understood that most of them do not even know what a computer or a laptop looks like.We showed them a laptop.We explained them how it is used and they were completely appalled by it.They were so amused by every little thing about the laptop.Even switching on the laptop made them go Ooohhh....

      Their curiosity didn't go down even a bit during the whole 2 hour session.They were jumpy all the time.We then displayed the pictures of Mozilla logos,gave them color pens and asked them to draw the logos as we wanted to make sure that they were accustomed to Mozilla in their own little ways.
     They drew as if they were doing a prayer.They were so focused and they were trying their best to make sure their picture came perfect.
A kid coloring the Mozilla Logo
      Later,we sat with the kids,talked to them and encouraged them to study.Their faces glowed when we said that they can buy many laptops if they would be employed.They got even more delighted when we said that they can have Mozilla in their systems.
     When we were about to leave,we gave them some candies.They loved us so much.They asked us to come often and escorted us till the gate.Their love was immense.
  I had the best time with those kids.I knew Mozilla made things easy for us,but that day,I realized Mozilla can also make you feel great about yourself!!!