Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Let's fuss a little less from now on...

         According to me,if there would be competition to decide which is the topic most debated about,I bet the first prize would definitely go to one among these issues-
          1)When will our country change?
          2)When will our country have those glassy,smooth and unblemished roads which won't "sink" when it floods?
          3)When will our education system change?,etc and etc.
         These controversial matters annoy us most of the times and the arguments regarding these topics will "sweep us off our feet."
          But let me tell you something.I can assure you that India is definitely going to change.And this time,you don't have to stress yourself debating on this issue again,because I have a very convincing proof.
          Coming to the point,a few days back,me(Sruthi) and two of the Mozilla Representatives(Harsha Vardhan and Sujith),decided to go to a Government high school in Kukatpally.
The government high school
       After a little effort in searching the school,we finally ended up in front of a big building.As per Google Maps,that particular building was supposed to be the school!!!
      We were left aghast!We tried to make sure that,that building was indeed the school.And to our wonder,it was!                                                 We brought ourselves back to reality and then stepped in.It was an awesome school with great classrooms,labs and a big playground.Frankly,the whole time we were in the school,I was in awe of the school.
We got the permission to take sessions without any delay.We took our sessions to the 9th and 10th grade students.Those kids are the most enthusiastic students I ever came across.The best thing about them is that,they weren't ready to lose even a single oppurtunity to learn something new.They were very keen on learning about Computers,Internet,Browsers,etc.                                                                     

   The school is an affidavit that not all of our leaders(politicians) are inefficient.The school is a mark that India is indeed evolving into a great country. I've hope. I now believe India will change. And with  such passionate youngsters,it is definitely possible!So everyone,you don't have to so annoyed anymore,we all can fuss a little less from now on.........

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