Saturday, 14 June 2014

Efficacy of Endowment

    Don't worry,I just meant, the Power of Contribution.Unlike the complexity of the title,the concept behind the power of giving or the power of contribution is really simple.In the present days,the prosperity of an individual is measured in terms of how much he has.Or how much he gets.But,the underlying truth is,one's richness is supposed to be measured in terms of how much he gives.
    After  my first Mozilla session,I actually understood the quote 'The more you give,the more you get.' I did my contribution in the form of knowledge and I got in return immense love.
     A Mozilla representative(Harsha Vardhan) and I went to a government school in Kukatpally,Hyderabad.Our motive was to teach the kids about the safe use of internet and how internet can be exploited in ways beneficial to them.It was a small school on the corner of a street.The kids were so excited to see us.There were around 20 kids and were a medley of age groups.Some were 10 years old,some were 12 and one of them was 7.
Few kids in the session
      Their zeal to learn something new and their excitement to talk to us attracted us a lot.Once the kids were settled,we started our session.
      We eventually understood that most of them do not even know what a computer or a laptop looks like.We showed them a laptop.We explained them how it is used and they were completely appalled by it.They were so amused by every little thing about the laptop.Even switching on the laptop made them go Ooohhh....

      Their curiosity didn't go down even a bit during the whole 2 hour session.They were jumpy all the time.We then displayed the pictures of Mozilla logos,gave them color pens and asked them to draw the logos as we wanted to make sure that they were accustomed to Mozilla in their own little ways.
     They drew as if they were doing a prayer.They were so focused and they were trying their best to make sure their picture came perfect.
A kid coloring the Mozilla Logo
      Later,we sat with the kids,talked to them and encouraged them to study.Their faces glowed when we said that they can buy many laptops if they would be employed.They got even more delighted when we said that they can have Mozilla in their systems.
     When we were about to leave,we gave them some candies.They loved us so much.They asked us to come often and escorted us till the gate.Their love was immense.
  I had the best time with those kids.I knew Mozilla made things easy for us,but that day,I realized Mozilla can also make you feel great about yourself!!!

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