Saturday, 16 January 2016


       We all are adept to situations where hundreds of motivational sessions won't have a worthy effect on us,but one small,facile incident has an abstruse influence on us and turns out to a life changing lesson.
       I was in a similar kind of a situation a few days back.A highly adulated organization,Deloitte,came to our college,to select some of us to be a part of its' work family.I was so ardent about being placed in the organization that I could literally see myself working there.However,in spite of having a good resume and the required job skills,I wasn't chosen.
      I was totally wrecked.I had everything in perspective,but somehow,it was shattered.I had an exodus of thoughts and doubts in my mind and nothing seemed right.After mentally settling down,I realized that most of the things in our lives do not follow our plan of action.
      In that case,what's the need to comprehend ourselves?As almost nothing goes like we want,what's the need to decide what we love to do?We might as well go where life drags us.These doubts started to eat me alive.And eventually,I unveiled the answers to them.
     Yes,most of the things in life,don't outline our plans.But,we ought to decide what we want from our life,to ensure that we struggle to make our endeavors win against fate's design.Like in the game of cards,we can never predict the next card we shall pick.Nonetheless,we make our next move based on the card we picked,to win the game.
     Thus,we may not foresee the surprises life throws at us,but we can to clinch what we want and choose our successive actions based on our current situation.
      Though the Deloitte incident,slapped me with reality,it shaped me to stay in present,work without much expectations and give my finest "now."